Help us develop a roadmap on innovative citizen engagement in the CH institutions context

The Civic Epistemologies project launched an online questionnaire on citizen science. LIBIS and MediaLab Institute for Cultural Studies are a partner in this project (more info).

Citizen Science is the practice of involving citizens in research driven by professional researchers; nowadays it benefits from technological tools which allow to achieve unprecedented scale of citizen engagement. One of its forms is crowdsourcing which might not aim research contribution but helps in gathering, encoding or contextualising data with the help of citizens. 

Civic Epistemologies has the objective to consolidate a roadmap on the use of e-Infrastructures to support the participation of European citizens in research on cultural heritage and digital humanities. The questionnaire is designed to capture the current experiences and opinions of cultural heritage professionals and we would appreciate if you could invest up to 10 minutes of your time to help us understand better the current context and integrate your point of view in the Roadmap.

Please follow this link to the questionnaire: 

For more information on the project, please visit the website

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