Presentaties Igelu Conferentie en Developers Day

Begin september vond de 11de Igelu* Conferentie en de Igelu Developpers Day plaats. Verschillende LIBIS collega's mochten er een presentatie geven

Mehmet Celik (Senior Business Consultant, KU Leuven/LIBIS): A short talk on the Igelu Developpers Day "A simple collection viewer for the new Primo UI"
The new UI is officially released and now the time is right to build widgets and tools for it. I ported an image collection viewer we build a while ago in our old UI.
Download zijn presentatie hier.

Veerle Kerstens (Project Manager, KU Leuven/LIBIS): Preparing for a new Primo
LIBIS is one of the bèta testers of the new Primo UI. We manage a library network of about 30 institutions. We took the opportunity to evaluate our current user interface: how is it perceived, how is it used ? We organized focus groups in fall 2015 and analyzed usage information. When testing the new interface, the concerns that emerged from this evaluation were taken into account. We also followed up on consortial issues and expect the new Primo UI will address them adequately. We conducted usability tests; the sessions were observed by a team of library staff. This approach helped us to come to a common understanding of issues: “seeing is believing”. The aim is to organize this usability testing on a frequent basis in order to get more insight in how our users experience Primo, to give feedback to Ex Libris in the context of the development of the new UI as well as to optimize our Primo. I’d like to share our experiences, outcomes of the testing and plans for our Primo sites.
Download haar presentatie hier.

Gijs Noels(Business Consultant, KU Leuven/LIBIS): "Cashless BIB”: in relation to ALMA
Cashless payment methods have become a standard in our daily lives. The need or necessity for cash is gradually disappearing. Upon reflection, KULeuven (Belgium) University Libraries, has missed former “cashless waves” such as payment kiosks. The goal of this session is to give insight on how we’re reversing the situation from cash to cashless, optimizing cash flows, and how we integrate cashless payment methods with ALMA.
Download zijn presentatie hier.

* International Group of ExLibris Users

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